Importance in Lead Paint disclosure for Rental Properties

(Re-posted from my old blog)

By Kevin J Potters

Last night I happened to watch a few episodes of Forensic Files on TV.  One of which was about a family of refugees seek American dream from Egypt.  Their American dream was shuttered when the youngster kid all of sudden died.  The cause of dead was high concentration of lead in her blood.  Through a lot of effort, it was traced back to when the toddler spent a lot of time playing at the porch where loose paint were found.  It would’ve cost a few hundreds or thousand of dollars to get it painted to have avoided the tragedy!

What’s more! As the official followed up on the documents, they found the landlord/property manager forged the lead paint disclosure because they never disclosed the lead paint information to the immigrant tenant.  The tenant received $700,000 in compensation for the death of their youngster.  The landlord/property manager was fined for $40,000 and 15 months in jail.

The moral of story,  landlords/property managers owning properties older than 1978, is to make sure lead paint disclosure form explained and signed by the tenants, and paint your properties regularly, so there is no flakey, loose paint laying around.


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