Is A Real Estate Agent A Salesman?

Posted by Kevin J Potter

It is quite easy to view a real estate agent as a salesman (or saleswoman). After all, the basic responsibility of a real estate agent, particularly as a seller’s agent, is to sell the home of a client to a ready, willing, and able buyer. Under these circumstances, a real estate agent would undoubtedly be considered a salesman by simple nature. However, the tactics of how an agent sells a home are distinctly different than how a salesman sells a product.

The Salesman
Imagine this scenario: You are enjoying aBob quiet sunday afternoon at your
home when suddenly there is a knock at your door. You answer it to find Bob. Bob is a salesman who has been going door-to-door in every neighborhood trying to sell his “one of a kind” product – a pen. Immediately he throws you his pitch; he tells you how great this pen is. The shaft has a beautiful design hand drawn by a professional artist in Italy. The weight is perfectly balanced. The outside structure is made of guano, a revolutionary material that provides more durability and prevents scratches. And he’s selling it for cheap! But in actuality the design was drawn by an art student at a local college who studied in Italy for a little while and is now mass produced by machinery at a warehouse. Describing the pen as “balanced” means relatively nothing. And the “revolutionary” material is not durable but cheap and low-quality, which is why the pen is being sold for such a cheap price.

The Agent
Now imagine this Scenario: You are enjoying a quiet sunday afternoon at your home when suddenly there is a knock at your door. You answer it to My Boy Leofind Kevin (sounds like a nice guy). Kevin is a local real estate agent. He has conducted proper research
and determined that people in your particular neighborhood may be more willing than most to buy a new home. Immediately he ask you if are you interested in buying a home. If you say no, Kevin simply thanks you for your time and walks away. He understands that purchasing a home is a large investment and not everyone is ready, willing, and/or able to invest. To continue otherwise would be a waste of both his and your time. If you say yes, Kevin will thank you and show you several homes he has listed. He will give you details about each home including their structure, their neighborhood, what each room can be used for, and he will also tell you their faults – such as damages and leaks.

The Difference
The key difference between the tactic of an agent and the tactic of a salesman is that the agent views you as a client while the salesman views you as a customer. The salesmen (according to the example) is selling you a cheap and low-quality product. You will not buy it if you knew the flawed details. The salesman knows this but he also knows that he will never see you again. So he persuades you to purchase this less-than-perfect pen with little consequence to his action. The agent’s perspective is quite different.

As many can agree, searching for the proper home takes time. During that time, the agent is constantly by your side, providing input and taking in your comments and concerns. There is constant communication between the two of you and a trust is built. Furthermore, the agent relies on you to refer him to other homebuyers (for the market for homebuyer is very small compared pen-buyers). In order to gain a referral, he must provide you with the best experience capable. Communication, trust, and genuine concern are the elements that differentiate you as a client rather than a customer.

So if you ever think an agent is just trying to sell you something, don’t! An agent is their to guide you in your investment of a home, and will not deceit you – at least that’s how the good agents work. And that’s always how the agents at Group 2020 work.

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